So, when I was younger my parents loved to watch Seinfeld. At the time I didn’t understand the show or even get involved in it at all except that I loved to watch my parents laugh and pretend that I knew what they were laughing about. I always thought that they were upset about the stupidest things and that the show really wasn’t funny at all.

Then I grew up. Now the show is hilarious. Those trivial things that upset George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer were in fact not that trivial but completely understandable. Here is one reason how I know I can relate to Seinfeld in my early adulthood.

There is always someone in your life that you just want to avoid at all cost. They act nice to you, yell at you, pretend they never yelled at you, want to ruin your life but be your best friend; you get the picture.

Yesterday I was going past where said person was and started choking on a Jolly Rancher. In panic I started coughing and in the few seconds that it took me to hock up the Jolly Rancher on my own the thought crossed my mind of who would deliver the life saving blows to my back if I could not save myself. The image of this person came in to my head. I could see myself, blue in the face, losing consciousness, passing by this person clutching my throat to the next nearest person. I would indeed put my life in jeopardy just so the “pariah” would not have saving my life to hang over my head.

This is one Seinfeld moment.


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