Wow. Just amazing.

Tempered Whimsy


“It’s like living in a corpse” she hissed
skin soft and spongy as I turn her
using the sheet like a lever the way they taught me when
her body shifted and slid
she cried out she hated me “no means no means no”
“You’re disgusting” grated from her throat

there’s no return from this
I can see that
soft cap curling hair heavy eyes wide from time to time she opens them blue
to let us know she knows what’s up

It’s hard to nurse an angry person who even in health was hotly principled  full of righteousness and                          sparks

if religious she would damn me this sister of mine
victim of today’s incompetent nurse


we laid her out as women have done for centuries
though no traditional girls were we
It must be done we moved in unison like breathing we cleaned and painted her nails…

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