Hassett ACE Hardware

One of the many things I do for the ACE Hardware stores I manage is to update a local shopping site with products we carry (and I will admit, I tend to be biased and post items I personally like – it’s handy that I happen to enjoy DIY projects, working on cars and making jewelry, so that my customers at least get some variety). But I digress, I was posting items today and came across an all-time favorite of mine, Ball canning jars.

I have a thing for glass: bottles, jars, vases, trinkets, rings, bowls, stained-glass windows, anything Dale Chihuly, old medicine bottles, beach glass, the list goes on and on. So it stands to reason I like canning jars, and being the artist I am, I also like to use things for other purposes than their original intent.

In the case of canning jars, I like to…

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