Exploded diagrams

Vacuum Packed

South Korean artist Minjeong An draws on architectural plans, technical drawing and blueprints to create these astonishingly detailed diagrammatic self-portraits. It seems like she’s using a mix of actual data, or a perceived translation of sensory input, along with simply beautiful drawings.

I say ‘seems’ because Google has a bit of an issue with translating  Hangul (the Korean alphabet), but does it leave you with a body of text that somehow conveys the overall meaning, without actually making sense at any point. I rather like it…

This is the title and explanation for the first drawing below:

Bimongsamong also (非梦似梦图) _Detail plan of somnolence (2008)

Seemed to break the dream seemed to say, honmihan situation is captured instantaneously. Anatomy of the brain to help the movement of the nervous system, eyes, etc. noewaui relationship into a symbol of dreams and related organizations to look at reality in a dream awake and dreaming in the world of…

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